What to Expect


Upon receipt of the parent and teacher rating scales, a feedback appointment is scheduled with the parents.  The  feedback is intended to review the results of the assessment as well as further discuss the child’s functioning, potential diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

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Intake Meeting

This face-to-face meeting allows us to better understand your questions and concerns, and to determine the best approach going forward.  During this initial appointment, the doctor will gather pertinent information regarding the child's developmental history along with presenting problems.


After completing the feedback session, you will receive a comprehensive report.  The report will include a review of relevant history, performance on the assessment, conclusions (including diagnosis, if appropriate) and recommendations. 


​Following the initial meeting, the actual evaluation will be scheduled.  On the day of the assessment, you should expect the process to take approximately 3-6 hours (depending on the extent of testing needed).  There will be a few breaks to allow kids "down time" to have a snack and play.  It is recommended that a parent or guardian plan to stay for the duration of the assessment, particularly for younger children.  During the evaluation, parents are given a series of rating scales to assess their child's functioning at home, and forms are passed along for teachers to complete to further assess behavior in school.

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